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Admit it… you love radio. Over-the-air or internet, live or podcast; it doesn’t matter. Getting radio content to your audience is both thrill and challenge. Oh, you’ve sweat a lot from hard work and worry. And come up with clever solutions that would make MacGyver envious. And all the weekends and holidays you’ve sacrificed… if that’s not love, what is it?

I love radio too. I spent the last 25 years designing and building studio products – mostly mixing consoles – for PR&E, Telos, Axia and Lawo. If you’re in radio, you’ve likely encountered my designs. Along the way I’ve visited your studios. Heard your war-stories. Learned a lot. And in all those stories there’s one takeaway: details matter.

Sure, we usually pay the most attention to the big-ticket gear, like consoles, transmitters and processors. But have you ever noticed that you can spend a disproportionate amount of time trying to figure out answers to small problems those big products don’t solve? Problems that escalate fast when left unaddressed. Maybe you just need an extra input for a smartphone. Or an automated way to handle an emergency alert. A custom mix to record phone calls. An amplifier for a long cable. Maybe you’re chasing ground-loop hum, or trying to make a PC sound card sound better.

Like you, I sweat the details. That’s why I started Angry Audio: to make products that solve these nagging problems. Products that allow you to build systems that do what you want, the way you want. Our products – we call them audio gadgets – are each laser-focused on addressing one or two details. They are inexpensive and easy to use. And, because radio can be rough, they’re damned near indestructible too.

I have to confess: I am a bit of a fanatic for sound quality. Our audio gadgets all deliver the kind of transparent audio performance you’d expect to find in the most discerning recording studio. Some have told me this is overkill for radio. I disagree. The tools you use to create and deliver compelling radio should be just as sharp as those used to master music.

One last thing: please bookmark our site, and visit us often. We have more than a dozen gadgets in development and will be launching new ones every few months. Sooner or later, we’re going to launch a gadget that solves a nagging problem for you. Which might just help you get home for dinner on time for a change. You gotta love that.


Michael “Catfish” Dosch

Questions, answers,

and a few wild guesses.
Are the gadgets guaranteed?
Oh yes. If you’re not delighted for any reason with your gadget anytime within the first 30 days, simply return it for a full refund. Plus, every gadget is warrantied to be free from defects in parts or workmanship for two full years after purchase. We stand by our stuff.
All your photos show 120VAC power. Do you offer gadgets for 240VAC?
Absolutely. Most of our gadgets are available in 240VAC with a European power plug. Just add the letter “E” after the part number when ordering. For example, the 991001 is the 120VAC stereo balancing gadget. The same product fitted for 240VAC is part no. 991001E.
What if I want to use the gadgets in a rack or attach them to a wall?

The Gadget comes equipped with rubber feet to sit on your desktop. An optional Rack Mount Kit is available for mounting up to two gadgets in 1RU. The optional Wall Mount Kit provides brackets for mounting to the inside of a cabinet or a tech wall. Another option is to use the Under Counter Mount Kit for quick access and clean site lines. There’s even a Desktop Mount Kit with angled brackets to tilt the face of the gadget toward the eyes of the user.

Will you build a custom gadget for me?
If it makes commercial sense, we will certainly consider it. Contact us and let’s chat.
The gadgets are manufactured in China. Should I be worried about quality?
Quite the contrary. We manufacture our PCB assemblies in a state-of-the-art ISO9001 certified factory in Hangzhou China. All assembly conforms to IPC-2 quality standards and we have strict processes to ensure that counterfeit parts will never be used. Final assembly, functional testing and quality control are all conducted in our Nashville facility.
What is recording-studio-grade audio?
Our circuitry is carefully engineered for sonic transparency. With lower noise, higher dynamic range, less distortion and crosstalk, the specs speak for themselves. But specs don’t tell the whole story. Certain design decisions are driven by experience. For example, we avoid the use of coupling capacitors in the audio chain. Experience has shown us that such capacitors can affect the sound without showing up using traditional measurements. We direct couple wherever possible and use active error correction to eliminate offset. Caps would be cheaper and easier, but that’s the way we roll.
Does component selection really make a difference?
It does. Some components are chosen for optimal audio performance, like Susumu thin-film low-noise resistors, and Burr-Brown opamps. Other components contribute to superior RFI protection like inductors, capacitors, double-sided circuit boards and steel enclosures. Still other selections, such as connectors and switches with gold plated contacts, long-life power supply filter and bypass capacitors, and advanced ESD protection, are made to provide longevity and reliability.

So what makes these “broadcast” products?
The mark of a true broadcast product is reliability. This is due to the nature of broadcasting. Unlike recording where one can always record another take, a failure on the air is there for all the world to hear. So broadcast products like the gadgets must be built to deliver day after day without fail. Set and forget. There is no room for fussy controls or inconsistent results. And there can never be RF interference, even if located next to a high-powered transmitter. RFI quickly separates broadcast products from other audio devices. Anyone who has wondered why they were hearing the local AM station in their audio system knows they weren’t working with broadcast products.

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We’ve got plenty more gadgets and gizmos in the pipeline. We’ll send you a note whenever we launch something new. And you’ll be eligible for special discounts and promotions.

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