The Headphone Disconnector

No more broken headphones!

LeVEls AlL oVer THe PlaCe?

Now you can fix that!

You sound marvelous on the air

Finally, hear it for yourself.

RAVE! Radio Mixing Console

The console you’ve been waiting for

C6s Software Processor

Chameleon processing

SMooth Mic Processor

For Shure SM7 microphones.

Problems disappear when you get angry.


Welcome to Angry Audio. We specialize in problem-solving products for radio broadcasting studios. Every device is meticulously engineered to deliver pristine-perfect performance for years. Every feature has been thoughtfully created to give you exactly the right tools for the job at hand. Meet some of the family.

C4 Audio Processor

Your livestreams never sounded this good.

Studio Signal Light

Send a visual message to your talent

Signal Light Gadget

Light up those studio signal lights.

C6s Software Processor

Chameleon processing
for Mac and Windows.

RAVE! Radio Mixing Console

Feature-packed, intuitive, superior specs and built like a tank.
It’s the console you’ve been waiting for.

USB Audio Gizmo

Balanced, pro level audio from your computer.

SMooth Mic Processor

Preamp and processor
for Shure SM7 microphones.

Bluetooth Gadget

Make your smartphone the star of your radio show.

Headphone Gizmo

Clean and loud headphone amp mounts under the table.

Headphone Disconnector

Protect your headphones from accidental damage.

Mic Tally Gadget

Control and drive four M!KA mic arm tally lights.


StudioHub is back! Use CAT-5 to connect everything.

Guest Gizmo

Cough button, headphone amp, mic tally driver all in one.

Talkshow Gadget

Add mic control and speaker muting to your mixer.

Button Gizmo

Guest microphone control panel for talk studios.







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Over-engineered for rock-solid reliability and guaranteed RFI immunity.

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Innovative solutions for problems you might not have known were fixable.

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