Ground breaking technology.

And for once, that’s not hyperbole.

Turn any mixer

into a radio mixer.

Get rid of an

annoying cough.

Ground breaking technology.

And for once, that’s not hyperbole.

Turn any mixer

into a radio mixer.

Get rid of an

annoying cough.

Problems disappear when you get angry.


Meet the audio gadgets. A range of products designed to address some of the more pernicious problems encountered in broadcast audio. Every gadget is meticulously engineered to deliver pristine-perfect audio for years. Every component is carefully selected for performance and longevity. And every feature has been thoughtfully considered to give you exactly the right tools for the job at hand.


Pristine Sound

Pure transparent recording-studio grade audio. Gadgets sound amazing.

Built for Broadcast

Over-engineered for rock-solid reliability and guaranteed RFI immunity.

Problem Solvers

Innovative solutions for problems you might not have known were fixable.

Our Guarantee

Buy any gadget and use it for 30 days. If you don’t love it, we’ll buy it back.








You’ll find our gadgets invaluable in a variety of pro applications such as broadcasting and recording, live and worship. Our balancing gadgets, for example, are perfect for anyone who wishes to interconnect consumer and professional devices. The FailSafe gadget constantly monitors an audio signal and takes action if there is silence. Our Talkshow Gadget adds broadcast features to non-broadcast mixers. The Guest Gizmo combines the three must-have functions for guest mic positions. And our Distribution Gadget drives multiple destinations from a single source.

Dual Balancing Gadget

Convert unbalanced “consumer” audio to balanced while reducing ground-loop noise.

Talkshow Gadget

Add features like mic control and speaker muting to an inexpensive live mixer to make radio.

Failsafe Gadget

Monitor an audio feed and switch to a backup source in the event of silence.

Distribution Gadget

Clone a mono or stereo signal and send to multiple destinations.

Bidirectional Balancing Gadget

Use unbalanced audio in professional applications without compromise.

Guest Gizmo

Cough button, headphone amp, mic tally driver all in one.

And this is just the beginning. We’ve got more than a dozen gadgets in the pipeline, with new ones launching all the time. Hey, get at it. Those problems aren’t going to solve themselves.

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