StudioHub is back.

The Cat-5 cable is amazingly versatile. While its most common application is computer networking, it also makes an ideal audio cable. The RJ45 connector is compact and easy to use. The twisted wiring pairs are perfect for balanced analog or digital (AES/EBU) audio. 
StudioHub pioneered this idea more than 15 years ago and quickly became the defacto standard. Today, thousands of radio plants around the world rely on StudioHub wiring infrastructure. And now, Angry Audio is proud to offer the complete StudioHub product line.

Adapters and Cables

RJ45 Adapters

8 inch adapters from RJ45 female to audio connectors.

Patch Cables

Shielded RJ45 patch cables in all the most useful lengths.

RJ45 Adapter Cables

6 foot adapter cables from RJ45 male to audio connectors.

Dongles, Splitters, & Couplers

DSUB to RJ45 converters, level pads, splitters and much more.

Hubs & Patch Panels

Breakout boxes, patch panels and punch blocks.

MatchJacks & DA

Audio balancers, converters and distribution amps powered by StudioHub.

Power Supplies

Exclusive power injection system enables CAT-5 cables to deliver audio plus power.


Headphone amps, mic preamps, buttons and jacks. There’s a panel for everything.


Put your panels in their place with our bezels and mounting systems.

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