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Solid. Robust. Professional.

Welcome to the next generation of audio stream encoding. Our latest version is now completely based on headless architecture.

So what does this really mean? Scroll down for all the details!

Runs as a “service”

  • Automatically starts when the computer boots up (no need to log into the OS layer).
  • Should the service stop for whatever reason, our new “watchdog” will automatically start the service right away.
  • Runs as a service on Windows / macOS and Ubuntu.

Browser-based UI

  • Everything is managed via the browser making it super light-weight and easy to use.
  • Scale the UI to a size which is most comfortable to you.
  • Switch anytime between ‘dark’ & ‘light’ modes to suit your taste.

Access from any device

  • Enjoy the freedom to manage your streams from any device.
  • The UI is accessible via the IP address of the computer the leanEncoder is installed onto.
  • For added security, once you log into the UI, all other previously logged in devices will log out automatically.
  • Just point to the IP url, log in and enjoy!

Robust Metadata Features

Metadata Delivery

With the leanEncoder, you have complete control over the delivery of your stream metadata. Our metadata engine acts like a mini web server which listens and waits for metadata information to arrive via it’s own local IP address.

Just point your source system to the IP address, your specified port number and away you go!

We also support plain text over direct serial cable connections for Audiovault.

Metadata Timing

When you trigger ad replacement or insertion using metadata, we all know the precise timing of that information is critical.

While ad-serving technology usually adjusts this timing at their own system level, we felt it would be more efficient to adjust the timing right at the source! This provides more flexibility during test phases and allows for quick adjustments in live environments.

Simply key in your surgical delay value in milliseconds for each stream and you’re done! This setting takes effect immediately on-the-fly and does not require you to restart the stream or the service.

As an added bonus, you can also edit this delay value systematically in the JSON file without having to use the UI. Once the JSON file is saved, the setting also takes effect immediately on-the-fly while displaying the new value on the interface.

Metadata Format

You have full control over what to feed into your metadata across multiple formats.

Plain Text
This is the most simple method of metadata delivery. The leanEncoder will deliver whatever it receives in plain text. Just separate the artist and title with a hyphen and you’re good to go!. So for example plain text metadata should be sent to the leanEncoder as: artist – title

Shape your XML however you’d like! With so many different XML layouts available from source automation systems, we wanted to give you complete control in what to receive and what to deliver into the stream.

The leanEncoder has a built-in XML template creator tool so you can leverage unlimited templates.

Feature Highlights

Redundancy License

We come from the radio industry so we totally understand the importance of redundancy. In fact, we’re pretty obsessed about it! That’s why all leanEncoder licenses provide you the ability to install it onto two computers without any additional fees.

What if your computer craps out?
Should you encounter hardware failure, just give us a shout and we will reset your license so you can install the leanEncoder onto your replacement computer.



We built this audio streaming encoder from the ground up to ensure pristine audio quality and rock-solid reliability.

Confidently send your streams in the following flavours:

AAC / AAC+ / HE-AAC v2 / MP3

32kbps – 320kbps
(max value of 56kbps for HE-AAC v2)

Supported streaming servers:
– Icecast2 / Icecast-kh
– Shoutcast2

For ultimate compatibility, we support the following::

Windows, macOS and Ubuntu Desktop.

Please remember…your license will allow you to install the leanEncoder onto 2 computers!*

Nav Bar

All main options are accessed via the top navigation bar.

  • Start / Stop all streams
    This feature is super handy if you have lots and lots of streams.
  • Create new stream
    Here you can create a new stream right from scratch
  • Add Audio Input
    Here you can add as many audio source inputs as you require depending on your purchased license. The default license includes one audio source input.
  • Add Metadata Source
    This is where you add a new source with port number
  • Add XML Metadata Type
    This launches the XML template creator tool
  • Change Password
    Allows you to change the default UI login password
  • Open/Save Settings
    Here you can save/open the stream config file for backup & retrieval purposes.
  • Enter License
    Key in your purchased license code to get authorized

System Tray Access

Once installed, the leanEncoder will provide you with an icon directory on the system tray.

Simply right click and you will have shortcut access to the service controls along with launching the browser and managing VST plug-ins.

Keep in mind you can always launch the browser UI via the desktop icon as well.


Total stream control

Each stream can be controlled individually to allow for the ultimate flexibility. Elegant icons will quickly navigate you to the right spot.

The real-time input slider will affect all streams using the same input. In other words, if you move the slider up and down, all other sliders using the same input will also move together at the same time.

Unlimited Streams

It’s kinda that simple. Send out multiple streams to multiple endpoints without limits to solidify your redundancy. Mix and match codecs & bit-rates to your heart’s content.

Ingest Metadata

Send your artist/tile and ad-insertion metadata. We support Plain text, Serial (via Audiovault), and a customizable XML parser. Plain text and XML can be received via TCP or UDP.

Audio Inputs

Physical USB devices along with Virtual Audio Cables are supported! Feel free to use any WASAPI, ASIO, MME, WDM compatible drivers.

VST Plugins

Use your own VST plugins to create and set your distinct sound. We support an unlimited amount of VST plugins as long as your CPU can handle it 🙂

Auto Reconnect

Should you have internet issues, all streams are designed to keep trying and connect…forever! Once your connection comes back, all streams will be live.


Full set of logs are updated on-the-fly to provide complete visibility on connection details, metadata delivery and errors.

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Join our mailing list!

We’ve got plenty more gadgets and gizmos in the pipeline. We’ll send you a note whenever we launch something new. And you’ll be eligible for special discounts and promotions.

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