The CallMe Codec Family.

Think outside the box.

Meet the CallMe codec family from Vortex. Everything you need for high-quality remote audio broadcasting without the learning-curve. Every aspect of CallMe is intuitive. Your talent will be using it instantly without bugging your engineer. CallMe is built around the OPUS high-quality low-latency algorithm. CallMe is well-established in Europe with a number of the world’s most prestigious broadcasters. Now Vortex has partnered with Angry Audio to bring this amazing product family to North America. How cool is that?

CallMe Click-&-Connect

Cost-effective Subscription Codec service for contributors to send high quality audio.


Low-cost hardware IP stereo audio codec for studio and home use.

CallMe diRECt

Browser-to-Browser interview tool for live broadcast, podcast, or other purposes.

CallMe-T – Low-Cost Opus/G.722 IP Audio Codec

CallMe-T is a small-size, low-cost IP Audio Codec supporting broadcast-quality Opus/G.722 audio coding algorithms with balanced stereo audio inputs and outputs on ¼” Jacks plus RJ45 Ethernet connectivity, now with USB Audio Interface. It is housed in a 108mm x 103mm x 44mm enclosure for table-top use whilst for larger installations, 4 can be mounted side-by-side in 1-U. CallMe-T (as in “ET – phone home”) was originally designed as a low-cost hardware back-end for CallMe Click-and-Connect but as a result of customer requests for an add-on for ISDN Mixers to allow their use over IP. There are now two versions: CallMe-TS designed for standalone Studio use with remote control via its web interface and CallMe-TR designed for Remote use which has dedicated “Quick Dial” buttons to make and disconnect calls to other codecs – in addition to the web interface.


CallMe-TS – Low-Cost Studio Codec for CallMe Click-and-Connect™

CallMe-TS Studio Codec has been designed as a hardware back-end for CallMe Click-and-Connect™ – Vortex’s internet codec service which lets guests and reporters send high-quality low-delay audio back to the studio without the need for them to have their own IP codec or download special software. Apart from CallMe-TS, CallMe Click-and-Connect™ is of course compatible with most IP Audio Codecs too. CallMe-TS has balanced stereo inputs and outputs on ¼” Jacks plus RJ45 Ethernet connectivity, now with USB Audio Interface.

CallMe-TR – Low-Cost IP Audio Codec Add-On for ISDN Mixers

CallMe-TR is housed in the same small desktop enclosure as the CallMe-TS Studio Codec but additionally has four “Call” buttons on the front panel that provide eight “Quick Dial” connections – 4x single-button Analogue to Digital and 4x shifted buttons A-to-D and a single “Drop” button to disconnect. It has been designed as a simple, reliable IP Audio Codec that can work alongside most ISDN mixers, allowing live 2-way transmission using IP.

ISDN has for years provided the preferred method for sending high-quality audio using publicly-available connections. The data path is circuit-switched and not shared with others and the consistency – and delay – of end-to-end connectivity is assured. However, many providers of ISDN have increased prices and have already announced that the service will cease, forcing the inevitable move to IP audio.

Over recent years, using IP Audio Codecs and the Public Internet for data connectivity has shown itself to be extremely flexible and reliable, allowing live broadcast from pretty well anywhere there is an Internet connection. Coupled with careful management of streamed data over what is a packet-switched connection, stable, reliable low-delay audio is no longer in question. On the other hand, there is a very large installed base of ISDN mixer-codecs from various manufacturers where the audio mixing and cue capabilities are well-understood and liked but these are only able to connect to the studio using ISDN.


CallMe-TR has the same capabilities as CallMe-TS but additionally has programmable Quick Dial buttons on the front panel to avoid the need to use the web interface. It supports Opus/G.722 audio coding algorithms with stereo audio inputs and outputs on ¼” jacks plus RJ45 Ethernet connectivity. Two cables are needed to connect to the ISDN mixer; balanced audio from the codec plugs into the Cue input of the mixer and the Mixer Output connects to the audio input of the codec. As a hardware codec, CallMe-TR provides improved reliability and robustness compared with using software devices, making it the ideal IP connectivity solution for the hundreds of ISDN mixers still in use today.

CallMe-TR has the same web interface as CallMe-TS Studio Codec, providing complete flexibility to manage connections. Multiple CallMe-T codecs can also be controlled and monitored using MCC Multi-Codec Control.

USB Audio connectivity is now included in both versions of CallMe-T allowing direct connection to an external soundcard or mixer – or indeed just a USB Headset. This opens up a large number of additional opportunities not only for Outside Broadcast but for Voice-Over Studios and Journalists working from home where, until now, ISDN has been the norm. Now, all that a contributor needs is a cabled internet connection (which can be to a MiFi for mobile connectivity) a USB Sound Card, Headset or Mixer – and a CallMe-T.

CallMe Click and Connect

CallMe™ provides a new concept in IP Audio Connectivity, that makes it simple for guest contributors – and reporters – to send broadcast audio back to the studio. Anyone with a Smartphone, Tablet, PC or Mac has the ability to get connected with high quality, low delay audio without the need for their own hardware codec, installing special software or having to visit the studio or a reporter visit them. Designed to let Contributors get “On-the-Air” from virtually anywhere there is Internet connectivity, CallMe is a new cost-effective Internet Codec Service that has been developed to let Radio and TV Stations put a contributor “On-the-Air” without the cost and effort of sending a Reporter – or even an Outside Broadcast vehicle – or have the guest visit the studio, as they simply use their own computer, tablet or smartphone to converse.

It is simple to use. The Studio sets up a “CallMe Event” which includes the time that the link will be active, the studio codec that will be used, the type of connection anticipated and any other pertinent information. This produces a web link which is e-mailed to the guest contributor, which connects them through the internet browser, to the Station’s dedicated and branded CallMe portal on the CALLME.FM server. The Contributor simply clicks on the “CallMe” Button on the web page and they are connected with low-latency high-quality audio to the chosen Codec at the studio. Ideally, when working with a computer or tablet, the guest would use a separate headset rather than the built-in audio but with mobile phone, the microphone and earpiece are generally good enough for high quality broadcast sound – though for reporter use, Vortex also has a comprehensive range of Mic and Headphone interfaces for Smartphones including the RemoteMix-One.

CallMe easily delivers high quality audio from just about anywhere, from almost any device to the studio with low delay. Ideal for broadcasting, thanks to the simple yet versatile webpage interface allowing anyone from anywhere to connect, offering new possibilities for Journalists to be able to file live reports without the need for dedicated codec apps.

The initial CallMe setup process includes providing each station with its own branded portal so that a contributor is presented with a familiar look and feel. We can accept either finished artwork – all that is needed is a background image and station logo – or there are a number of boiler-plate designs that can be used. As part of the setup process we also ensure that the studio codecs are correctly configured and throughout the subscription period, free support also available.

Connections are handled on our secure server whilst password control and active hour preferences make it easy to manage connections. The fact that it can be used on just about any device with a browser and some form of audio input makes CallMe ideal for ad-hoc contributions also.

CallMe is compatible with the industry-standard Comrex ACCESS, the JK AutoHybrid IP2, Comrex BRIC-Link, STAC-VIP Talk Show System and with CallMe-T, Vortex’s new low-cost IP Studio Codec – specially designed to fill a gap in the market provide a low-cost back-end for CallMe Click-and-Connect – plus a wide range of other IP audio devices (please check with us for compatibility). Multiple calls are available through the same web link which can be either automatically routed if there are multiple studio codecs, or managed via the studio devices’ own conferencing capabilities.

CallMe diRECt

CallMe diRECt is our brand new Browser-to-Browser service that gives you added security of being able to record the interview in case of live internet connectivity issues.



  • Send your diRECt Web Link
  • Contributors connect directly to your browser
  • Live Stream 15kHz 2-way audio
  • Host can initiate recording at both ends
  • Host then uploads recordings to their computer
  • Fully GDPR-Compliant

It is a browser-to-browser version of CallMe Click-&-Connect so instead of having the need of a hardware codec the Host’s browser connects to the Guest’s browser for a live 2-way conversation.  It can stream live from the Host’s browser for broadcast – plus the Host can control the recording of both ends of the conversation / interview at their respective ends (for GDPR compliance) which is then uploaded to the Host’s computer at the end of the session.  This means that you end up with a solid recording in case of internet issues during the “live” connection – and nobody has to have any special hardware.

CallMe dirRECt is available stand-alone or as an add-on to CallMe Click-&-Connect.

The right tool for the job.

There are some mighty fancy broadcast codecs that take the “swiss army knife” approach. Packed with features, they can do it all. Which is great if you’re nerdy like us. We love navigating menu trees and reading manuals. But if you’ve got talent working remotely — and who doesn’t these days — you really need products they can use without a bunch of training. That’s where the CallMe product family excels. It’s fast to learn, fun to use, and it just works. If your job is remote broadcasting, this is the right tool for the job.

© Angry Audio 2018-2023. All rights reserved.
© Angry Audio 2018-2023. All rights reserved.

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