The new Headphone Disconnector from Angry Audio.Quick release magnetic disconnector saves headphones, cables, plugs and jacks.<!–

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New Headphone Disconnector Ends Headphone Abuse.
Radio jocks are hard on headphones. It seems every engineer keeps a box of ruined cans, cables and connectors for repair. Angry Audio has introduced a simple solution to this pervasive problem.

Meet the new Headphone Disconnector. This short adapter is inserted between the headphone jack and cable. Yank it and the inline magnetic quick-release connector separates before anything gets damaged. Reconnecting is just as fast and easy. Just get the two connector poles near each other and they snap together again.

The strength of the magnets has been carefully engineered so the connector stays together during normal use but separates when needed. The Headphone Disconnector is the solution for forgetful “walkaways”, chair rollovers, cable stomps, and dancing DJ’s getting a little too jiggy in the studio.

Four versions are available covering all types of plugs and jacks. You can even use the Headphone Disconnector as a plug adapter. Perhaps your equipment has the large 6.3mm but your headphones use the small 3.5mm plug. Just order the Headphone Disconnector with the ends you need. And end the need for those adapter thingies.

Oh, and one more thing. The Headphone Disconnector just won Radio World’s Best In Market 2021 award. We figure those judges must have had their fill of broken headphones. But really, who hasn’t? 

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