Angry Audio Announces New Livestream Audio ProcessorChameleon C4 Solves Loudness Problems, Instantly and Effortlessly.<!–

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Angry Audio Announces New Livestream Audio Processor
Chameleon C4 Solves Loudness Problems, Instantly and Effortlessly.

 “Radio engineers are stretched so thin these days,” says Angry Audio founder Michael “Catfish” Dosch. “Many tell us they don’t have time to tune and tweak their audio processing. Believe it or not, we’ve got a gadget for that: the world’s first audio processor with ‘autopilot’!”

The software in Chameleon is created by Cornelius “Corny” Gould, world renowned expert in broadcast audio. The processor’s unique architecture combines four intelligent compression bands with a precision loudness controller, all orchestrated by an advanced form of A.I. The system continually monitors incoming audio and adjusts its parameters dynamically to fit. Chameleon delivers clear, clean, punchy audio with consistent loudness, independent of format. Rock, talk, jazz, oldies: no matter the content, streams sound fantastic.

“We are eliminating the cost and complexity that prohibit many stations from processing their streams and HD channels,” Catfish explains. “Our new Audio Chameleon C4 instantly makes your streams sound amazing. Plug it in, flip a few switches, and it will sound like you spent weeks dialing it in. Don’t worry, we won’t tell.”

Loudness standards are a hot topic for everyone now, especially live streamers. Major platforms like Apple, Amazon and YouTube are demanding adherence to their own loudness criteria. If you don’t comply, you don’t get carried. Chameleon C4 solves this problem with a unique loudness controller that lets you set a target anywhere between -24 LUFS and -14 LUFS. It will even support the proposed AES loudness standard. No other processor does this.

Audio Chameleon features an RFI-immune steel enclosure and internal AC power supply, a four-position processing density control, output level calibration, integrated high-performance headphone amp with 1/4” & 1/8” jacks, and balanced analog and AES/EBU digital audio connections using StudioHub+ connectors. Analog XLR connectors are also provided.

“We’re shipping Chameleon C4 now. Everyone who hears it is blown away!” says Catfish. “And since deployment is as easy as opening the box and making a few connections, even the most overworked engineers can easily upgrade all of their streams and still have time for lunch.”

Audio Chameleon C4 Livestream Audio Processor carries a U.S. MSRP of just $989. Go find an Angry Audio reseller now at AngryAudio.com.

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Headquartered in Music City, USA (Nashville, Tennessee), Angry Audio makes the gadgets and gizmos that solve difficult studio problems for broadcasters and content creators.

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